Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sunday Salon October 25, 2009

The Sunday

Last week actually turned out to be a pretty good reading week for me. I completed Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks and then I read The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel in two days. It is really rare for me to get through a book that quickly these days but the format combined with my enjoyment of the story made it a quick read.

This week I'm hoping to read Benny & Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti, although I haven't started it yet. I would love to start it today but I think grocery shopping, laundry, and other household chores are going to take most of my day.

A recent post over at J. Kaye's Book Blog discussing writing book reviews has me thinking about my reviews and if the information that I am providing is meeting the needs of my readers. I would love some feedback - what do you like to see in book reviews? Is the information that I provide at the top of each review sufficient or would you like me to include the ISBN as well? I have been trying to write my own little book blurb - are those working or would you rather see the blurb from the back of the book or listed on Amazon? While I am not going to totally change how I write my reviews (because then it just wouldn't be MY review :-) ), I want my reviews to be as user-friendly as possible. Please let me know your thoughts on writing book reviews, I'd love to hear them!