Sunday, February 20, 2011

TSS: New Bookstore Affiliates

I have never been comfortable with sales.  I hated selling girl scout cookies as a kid or doing any kind of fundraiser.  I always feel bad asking people to buy something.  It is even harder now because I know how many people are struggling financially.  So when I think about making a little money from my blog I am a bit torn.  There is the feeling that reading and reviewing is something that I am doing because I enjoy it so I shouldn't be thinking about earning any money.  Then there is the idea that I am a stay at home mom with essentially no income except the money that I make from taking surveys so earning at least enough money to cover the cost of shipping out books would really help.  Anything more than that would be a bonus.

So after much thought, I've decided to join some bookstore affiliate programs and just put them out there.  I'm not asking you to purchase anything but if you are interested in any of the books (or other things) that I review, I would really appreciate it if you would consider using one of my links if you decide to make a purchase.

I've been an affiliate for quite a while now.  I've earned a little money but honestly, it has been a pretty small amount.  And that is totally okay!  I never expected to make bundles from this *wink*

I know not everyone likes to shop at Amazon though so I've added some additional options:

Find books fast - Passion for Books Logo (125x125)

IndieBound connects you with a local, independent bookstore which is always a great shopping option!

And I finally have an option for my international readers:

The Book Depository

I will be adding direct links at the end of each review for the stores that have the book for purchase.  I also have links for each of these stores, on my right sidebar.  I do not plan to fill the blog with advertising but I wanted to offer my readers some relevant shopping options.

Note: All opinions provided on this blog are my own. If a product was given to me for review, the source of that product is noted in the post. Links to are affiliate links and I do earn a small percentage for each item purchased through those links. Any other referral or associate links will be noted within the post.