Thursday, June 19, 2014

What is happening at Monkey Do Project?

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Monkey Do Project is one of my favorite non-profit organizations. I know the founder and members of the board and see how dedicated they are to helping the people of Appalachia. They give back because they feel strongly drawn to do so and they truly care about the people they are helping. At any given time Monkey Do Project has several different projects going to meet the needs of people in different parts of Appalachia. Here are the current needs:

Holiday Basket Fundraiser - The Christian Service Center food pantry in Clay County, WV had all of their food stolen in early September. This included food that they had started gathering for holiday meal baskets. Monkey Do Project has pledged to provide 200 holiday food baskets but they need donations to fulfill that promise.

Filling the Food Banks - Monkey Do Project has pledged to fill a food bank in Clay, WV, provides food for a weekend backpack program, and aided in starting a food bank in Dunbar, WV.

Daniel's Drawings - Daniel recently turned five but when he was four he was challenged to do something to raise money to help others. Daniel is a self-proclaimed "kid artist" and he is raising money with his "artings" (drawings) and giving it to Monkey Do Project.

Ella's Night-Night Do Project - Ella is an amazing six year old with a huge heart for giving and helping others. When she was four, she had a small blanket that she called her night-night. Ella decided that other kids needed the comfort of night-nights too so she created her own Monkey Do Project to give them away.

Backpacks for Ohio - For two years now I have helped fill 2,000 backpacks at Monkey Do Project headquarters. We gave each child toiletries, nutritious snack, and some school supplies. Monkey Do Project has pledged to continue bringing backpacks to the school health fair.

None of these projects can happen without financial support from individual donors. The needs in Appalachia are high as it is the poorest region in the United States. Please visit Monkey Do Project to find out more about the needs in Appalachia and how you can help.

Donate today to support these projects!

Monkey Do Project is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which means donations are tax deductible.

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