Monday, August 11, 2014

Visions (A Cainsville Novel) by Kelley Armstrong

If you read my review of Omens, the first Cainsville novel, you will know that I wasn't convinced I would enjoy this series by Kelley Armstrong when I began reading. By the time I finished Omens, I was completely drawn into the world of Olivia Taylor-Jones, Gabriel Walsh, and the mysterious town of Cainsville. I hated that I had to wait an entire year for the next book in the series, Visions.

Was Visions worth the wait? Absolutely!

Although Olivia didn't make headway in discovering the truth about whether her parents committed the murders for which they were convicted, she does discover more about her connection to Cainsville and it's residents. She and Gabriel are pushed together through a number of sinister events even as Olivia begins dating one of Gabriel's clients. Olivia and Gabriel finally start asking questions and getting a few answers, although the answers are often vague or incomplete. There are still many, many questions ahead for Olivia and Gabriel and, once again, I'm left waiting for the next book in the series so I can find out more.

In the Cainsville series, Armstrong writes complex characters, places them in a unique setting, and leaves them to find answers about themselves and the town. I have the feeling each book will reveal just enough of the story and leave just enough questions to keep readers coming back for more.

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