Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too by Laurie Dean

Title: Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too!
Author: Laurie Dean
Illustrator: Kevin Collier
Publisher: Big Tent Books
Publication Date: September 2008
Format: Hardcover, 24 pages
Age Group: Children ages 3-9

Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too! is the story of a lively dog and his family. Baron has lots of energy and a great desire for a best friend but his energetic antics get him in trouble and he is sent to obedience school. Baron learns to obey and is a model puppy when he returns home.

Laurie Dean has written an engaging story about friendship and responsibility. As Baron learns to behave and interact with the family in a more controlled manner, the opportunity for a deeper friendship opens up. Illustrator Kevin Collier truly brings Dean's world to life with vibrant, cartoon-like illustrations. Baron's energy comes right off the page as he plays with the family.

Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too! is a solid children's story that can be enjoyed by all but will be even more fun for families with dogs.

Thank you to author Laurie Dean for sending me a copy of Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too!

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