Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch

Girls in TrucksTitle:  Girls in Trucks
Author:  Katie Crouch
Publisher:  Back Bay Books
Publication Date:  April 7, 2009
Format:  Paperback, 272 pages
Age Group:  Adult

Sarah Walters grew up in the South, a member of one of the oldest debutante societies in Charleston.  The Camellias teach rules of etiquette and proper behavior for young ladies in preparation for a charmed Southern life with an appropriate husband.  Sarah Walters, however, is not a proper young lady and her life is anything but charmed.  Although she spends much of her college years and beyond in the North, Sarah finds that something always pulls her back home.

I enjoyed Girls in Trucks quite a lot when I started reading it.  Sarah's voice is fresh and honest.  She tells it like it is and often deflects emotion with humor.  The time line shifted frequently, which was a bit confusing, but I was still able to hold the thread of the story through Sarah.  Unfortunately, somewhere around the middle of the book, the author began repeating information.  There would be a quick paragraph about Sarah's relationship with Max as if the reader needed a reminder even though we had just spent chapters in that portion of Sarah's life.  Another was a reference to Sarah's sister's wedding, reminding the reader that she had been married twice, after we had just lived the story of Sarah as the bridesmaid at the second wedding.

Another issue that I had with Girls in Trucks was the shifting point of view.  Most of the book is told through Sarah in first person but every once in a while another character steps in and takes over.  Then there was a strange section that was still focused on Sarah but was suddenly in third person.  I don't mind multiple character point of view but I would prefer the point of view be consistent through the entire book.

Crouch has wonderfully strong characters.  They are flawed and engaging and I really wanted to become absorbed in their story.  The writing is often refreshing and entertaining.  I just wish inconsistencies in the point of view and the repetition of information hadn't pulled me out of the story.

I was sent a copy of Girls in Trucks to review by Hachette Book Group in April 2009 when I also hosted a giveaway for this title.  Somehow it got pushed to the bottom of the pile and I just got around to reading it.

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