Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BzzAgent Product Reviews

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Library Girl Reads is a book blog and it is going to stay that way.  However I do mention other companies and services once in a while (Swagbucks being the main one so far) so I wanted to give you the heads up about another company that I work with.  BzzAgent is a Word of Mouth marketing company that provides products and services to agents for free or a discounted price in order to spread the word and gather feedback about the products or services.  Agents are invited to campaigns based on many factors including demographics.  I have received campaigns for insect repellent, body wash, razors, and baby products.  I know there have been a variety of food and restaurant campaigns as well.

Why am I telling you about BzzAgent?  Mainly because I didn't want you to be surprised if I start doing a product review on the blog now and then.  Plus, I think it is a pretty fun way to try some new products and provide direct feedback to the companies who make them.

Full Disclosure:  I do not receive any compensation if you decide to join BzzAgent through the links provided.  I do earn a small amount of Swagbucks if you sign up for that program using any of the links on this blog.  When I do product reviews, it will be clearly stated in the blog post if I received the product being reviewed from any source including, but not limited to, BzzAgent

Note: All opinions provided on this blog are my own. If a product was given to me for review, the source of that product is noted in the post. Links to Amazon.com are affiliate links and I do earn a small percentage for each item purchased through those links. Any other referral or associate links will be noted within the post.

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