Thursday, April 1, 2010

BABIES movie

Have you heard about the BABIES movie that is coming to theaters Mother's Day weekend?  I hadn't either until BzzAgent provided me with some special content to share with all of you.  My daughter and I watched this movie trailer together and it looks super cute!  The movie follows four babies from different parts of the world during their first year.

How adorable are those babies?!  My daughter is getting close to 18 months old and she absolutely loved watching that preview.  People are just fascinated by babies and this movie looks like it will show the common element of humanity even as the babies learn and grow in such different environments.

Both USA Today and the TODAY Show are raving about the movie and anticipating it to be a big hit.  You can even get your baby in on the action by becoming a fan of BABIES on Facebook and then submitting a photo or video of your child for a chance to win prizes.

Does this look like something that would interest you and your family?  Look for it in theaters on May 7!

Full Disclosure:  BzzAgent provided me with links to the video and other content in this post but all opinions are entirely my own.  I received no compensation from BzzAgent for talking about the BABIES movie but I do have a (very slight) chance to win prizes based on the traffic received through this post.

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  1. That was cute, very cute. I'd love to see the whole movie. It's great marketing also, coming out mother's day

  2. I saw the trailer for this when it was released, SO cute!!! I really want to see it soon!


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