Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Survey Savvy

Do you like sharing your opinion on products and services?  Do you like taking surveys?  How about getting paid to take surveys?  I've worked with several different survey sites and other product testing companies.  Today I wanted to just take a quick minutes to tell you about Survey Savvy.  Survey Savvy is nice because you know exactly how much you are going to get paid for each survey that you complete.  There are no points to accumulate or keep track of.  I also like that I'm not getting my email filled up with a ton of surveys that I get partway through and then don't qualify to complete.  Sure, there are some of those but it seems like fewer than with some of the other companies.  Granted, you aren't going to earn a whole lot of money by taking surveys but for me it is really nice to have some pocket money of my own.  Signing up with Survey Savvy is easy too so why not get started earning some money for your opinion today?

Disclaimer:  The Survey Savvy links above are referral links and I will earn some incentive when you complete a survey.
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