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Thief of Lives by Barb & J. C. Hendee

Thief of Lives (Noble Dead)
Title:  Thief of Lives
Authors:  Barb & J. C. Hendee
Publisher:  Roc
Publication Date:  January 2004
Format:  Paperback, 410 pages
Age Group:  Adult
Series:  Noble Dead (Book 2, series 1)

Magiere and Leesil have settled in Miiska and rebuilt their tavern, the Sea Lion, after ridding the town of its vampire trio.  Although Magiere believes that they will be able to live peacefully, Leesil realizes that they will now be called upon to rid other towns of the Noble Dead.  Soon enough the call comes from the city of Bela where a councilman's daughter has been murdered in an unusual fashion.  Now Magiere, Leesil, and their dog, Chap, must travel to face an unknown threat in an unfamiliar place.  Can they successfully defeat the vampires while dealing with an uncooperative city council, very few clues, and more secrets from the past?

I've spent so much time reading modern urban fantasy lately that I had forgotten how much I enjoy a more traditional, dark fantasy novel.  I can't believe that I reviewed the first book in this series, Dhampir, last December!

Magiere and Leesil are both very complex characters.  Both of them are heavily influenced by their pasts which they have chosen to conceal from each other.  This information comes out a little bit at a time and significantly impacts their relationship.  While it is obvious that they would both like to get closer to each other, many events cause Magiere to pull away.  Even their dog, Chap, has secrets which are revealed in this book.

It is clear from the beginning that someone is setting up Magiere and Leesil to test and train them.  Although I suspected who it might be based on the first book, there were enough clues leading in other directions that I wasn't completely sure of what was going on until Magiere and Leesil were facing it.  The overall agenda is still unknown but clearly there is a hand guiding Magiere and Leesil along their journey.

Thief of Lives is full of action and emotion.  The characters want to complete their task quickly and return home but false clues and uncooperative citizens lead them down a complicated path.  I am really enjoying this traditional fantasy series and will be reading the next book, Sister of the Dead, soon.

I borrowed Thief of Lives from my local library and no one had any expectation of a review.

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