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Yes! Energy by Loral Langemeier

Title: Yes! Energy The Equation to Do Less, Make More
Author: Loral Langemeier
Publication Date:  February 2012
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Source: Amazon Vine

Loral Langemeier is best known as a financial expert. She created her own multimillion-dollar company, Live Out Loud, Inc, and teaches others to create wealth through her books and workshops. In Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More , Langemeier focuses on the process of creating the energy and forward movement that allows her to accomplish so much without working harder or longer. She formats this process as an actual mathematical looking equation though there is actually no math involved. Langemeier admits that she and her friend used to call this energy "the gift" when they noticed people who just seemed to have the confidence to move forward with ease into any project. Now she claims that everyone can develop this "gift" which is simply a new way of generating energy and moving into a new conversation.

While the book says this Yes! Energy can be applied to all areas of life in order to Do Less and Have More, Langemeier's examples do tend to focus on wealth and business examples because that is her area of expertise. She frequently references being the CEO of your own life which does sound pretty appealing. At least I think it will sound appealing to most people until they realize it means actually taking total responsibility for their lives and their decisions instead of being able to make excuses and place blame for their circumstances on other people and events. Being the CEO of one's own life means having the drive to go after what you truly want in life instead of just being along for the ride. Langemeier gives you the choice to play big or play small with your life but she clearly believes big is the way to go if you want to have what you want out of life and enjoy the process of getting it.

Langemeier's energy equation results in Extreme Optimism and Energy which spills into all areas of life. Her process includes changing the conversation, faith, certainty, confidence, dreams, gifts, team, and sequencing. The book goes through the energy equation step by step with sections focusing on each of the aspects of the equation. The book is well organized and breaks down the equation into easily digestible sections. Langemeier provides specific examples in each section of how she has applied this aspect of the equation to her own life or instances when she didn't follow through and things got off track. I love that she included these 'negative' examples as well because it shows that there are road blocks along the way and that even someone using this process who seems to have it all together does hit snags along the way. The trick, as Langemeier shows, is to adjust and keep moving forward instead of letting these bumps derail the entire project.

The book is well formatted with good use of bold headers, text boxes, and lists. Each section ends with some thought exercises to help the reader process the information and see how it is relevant to their own life. Langemeier also provides ideas for next steps to take to move forward in creating forward movement in life.

Overall, Yes! Energy is an interesting look at how we can change our thinking and make better use of our skills to make a better life but I don't know that it is realistic to say that everyone can use this process to create a wealth building business. I think that takes an initial effort and drive that many people simply aren't willing to expend and many people would rather make excuses than be fully responsible for their own lives.

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