Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cooking #BlogFlash2012 Day 23

Cooking is one of those things that I wish I was better at. I love to eat wonderful food but when it comes to actually creating it someone else had better be in the kitchen. My life requires meals to be fast and simple. No one in our house has patience to wait long for dinner and my husband and daughter like their food to be pretty basic. I'm hoping I can get my youngest to be a little more adventurous with her food choices but I fear the deck is stacked against me on that one. My husband works in administration at The Chef's Academy so I know that I could find someone to teach me how to cook if I had time to learn. I love it when they have public events so my taste buds can be spoiled as I enjoy food from the instructors and the students.

#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts

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  1. I don't have the patience with cooking, but occasionally I'll spoil myself with those public events too. For some reason, I can handle baking - it's so much more soothing. Maybe because there's no jumping oil burning my skin!

  2. I really enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, when I had the time. Now I do have the time I can't do it - sod's law!!

    Keep trying - you'll get there - it's all a matter of practice.

  3. I do love to cook, but I also love people to cook for me. Those public events or restaurant visits are such a treat, and the presentation is always so perfect!


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