Friday, October 26, 2012

Online Couponing in a Day for Dummies by Beth Montgomery

Title: Online Couponing in a Day for Dummies
Author: Beth Montgomery
Publication Date: July 2012
Publisher: Wiley
Source: Publisher
Available Format: eBook

Beth Montgomery runs the website In Good Cents which is one of my favorite sites for money saving tips and coupon matchups. When I found out she was putting together a book about online couponing I knew I needed to get a copy. Beth is known for presenting great information in an easy to use manner and this book is the perfect example of that.

Online Couponing in a Day for Dummies takes a potentially overwhelming subject and breaks it down in to manageable information bites. One of the things that I love about Beth's presentation is that she is completely realistic. She knows that she can provide the road map for navigating the online couponing landscape but she cannot take the trip for you. She gives you the background information you need and the steps you can take to do the work to discover the best way that coupons can work for your family. She also has realistic expectations about the level of savings one can expect to achieve on a regular basis.

As with other books in the For Dummies series, Online Couponing in a Day for Dummies has a great layout with lots of white space, bold headlines, bullet point lists, and graphic reminders throughout the book. This keeps the information to the point and easy to digest. One thing that I loved about having this book in the electronic format was that I could click the links and go right to additional information and supporting sites. That instant access makes it much more likely that I will utilize these resources rather than having a list of web sites in a print book.

Online Couponing in a Day for Dummies is a quick read but it is packed with information that will take some time to work through. I am confident that by following Beth's tips about sale cycles, coupon matching, and stockpiling commonly used ingredients I will be able to get a better handle on our grocery budget. I also have a much better feel for where to look for coupons on products that we actually use in our household.

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