Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Chasing Invisible by Karen Pokras Toz

I received a copy of Chasing Invisible by Karen Pokras Toz when I participated in the blog tour run by GWR Publicity.

The first thing that drew me to Chasing Invisible was the cover. Isn't it gorgeous?! I absolutely love the way the light shines on the girl, surrounding her with a glow even as she tries to keep her face in the shadow. The glow of the words is perfect as well giving the title the look of a neon sign in a store window.

Julia is a quiet girl who keeps to herself in college until she meets Chase, the lead singer in a band. When he is signed to a recording contract and becomes a star the pair has no idea how the media attention will change their lives. Although Chase takes the paparazzi in stride as just part of the new lifestyle, Julia longs for privacy for herself and her family. How much can attention can she survive?

I connected to Julia instantly. Her college experience of studying and working with little time for socializing sounded so much like my own experience. I also connected to her love for books and appreciation for libraries. Through the entire book I identified with her thoughts, emotions, and reactions to the situations that we so outside of her control.

Chasing Invisible covers a large time frame and the author does a fantastic job at hitting the main events of Julia's life without leaving the reader feeling like something has been missed in the time jumps. Chapters are clearly labelled with dates or season and year so it is easy to keep track of how much time has passed. The only place I was curious as to what happened in the skipped time was right at the end of the book.

I hope that Karen Pokras Toz plans to write more novels for adults. Chasing Invisible is a strong adult debut for the author who is already well-known for her middle grade books.

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Karen Pokras Toz, recently discovered her love for writing. Karen writes middle grade and adult contemporary fiction. Her middle grade children’s novels have won several awards including the Grand Prize in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards and First Place for a Global E-Book Award for Pre-Teen Literature. Karen is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI). A native of Connecticut, Karen now lives outside of Philadelphia with her family. For more information, please visit

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