Friday, October 18, 2013

The Importance of 5

On Monday, we celebrated our oldest daughter's 5th birthday. I admit to having a bit of a mom freak out over this one. Five sounds so much older than four to me. It feels like we've hit another milestone in her life. I associate five with kindergarten even though she won't go until next fall. I'm not ready for her to stop climbing into my lap or even into bed with me when she is up in the night. Thankfully, she isn't quite ready to give up those snuggles either. I am glad I have been able to stay home with her and watch her grow for five years. I am happy that she is independent and confident playing with others at preschool. I am torn between wanting to keep her close and wanting her to explore on her own. I love that she is learning to read and that she enjoys discovering new things. I can't believe the grown up phrases she comes up with and I laugh when I remember the girl who didn't talk at all. It is hard to believe that my baby girl is 5!

Five is important for another reason this month. Remember in September when I shared with you about this empty West Virginia food bank? Monkey Do Project founder +Jacqueline Wilson realized that if each of her Twitter followers gave just $5 that would be nearly enough to fill the food bank for an entire year! Check out her post on Monkeytober13 to see her thoughts on the project and to see the amount donated so far. I think most of us could spare five dollars and I'm simply amazed at how much good that little amount can do.

I'm asking you to help celebrate my daughter's 5th birthday by donating $5 to Monkey Do Project.

Be sure to select MONKEYtober as the project designation so Monkey Do Project can track donations. My little monkey and I greatly appreciate your support!

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