Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way...

of reading and blogging. We've had a busy, busy summer here. July was filled with traveling and we had lots of company in August. Add my daughter learning to crawl and having trouble settling down for her afternoon naps and I just haven't gotten a lot of reading done.

I would love to be posting on here regularly, at least three times a week. But the reality is that I have much less time to read these days and I have other tasks that also must be completed while my daughter naps. My hope is to get us in a bit more of a routine now that things are settling down a bit and to start posting about once a week again.

I have quite the stack of books to read and I'm really hoping that some of them will be great books that I will be excited to share with you.

I appreciate all of my readers and hope that I can once again provide some regular content for you soon!

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