Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Cooking: The Chef's Academy Cookbook

Weekend Cooking
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My husband is lucky to work with some fantastic chefs at The Chef's Academy in Indianapolis. Although he is not a chef himself, we have both benefited from his employment there as the chefs and students often have food to share.

Some of the instructors have recently released a cookbook titled cooking with the Chef's Academy: Perform like a chef with recipes & lessons from the classroom to your kitchen. Although I have not gotten a chance to cook from this cookbook yet, as my husband just brought home our copy last night, I have no doubt that the recipes are going to be fabulous. I was especially excited to see Chef Mejia's recipe for rock shrimp with tarragon cream sauce since I was lucky enough to sample this dish when I toured the school and it is probably the best shrimp I've ever eaten.

Sections of the book include: Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Vegetables & Seafood, Poultry & Pork, Lamb & Beef, Desserts, and Breads. There are also small bios for all the chefs who contributed recipes for the book. Some of the recipes also have technique boxes on the page with helpful tips. I absolutely love that all of the photographs in this book are in color. Cookbooks with out photos of the recipes just don't do it for me.

The book is listed on but I think they must have some older information from before the book was actually finished because both the title and cover are slightly different from the book that I received. It is listed there as Chef's Academy: Chef Instructors' Recipes, Tips and Techniques for Home Cooks. I'm guessing you could also call The Chef's Academy at 1-800-919-2500 to find out how to get a copy.

If you know anyone who is interested in becoming a chef or working in the food industry, The Chef's Academy is a great school. They have placed their students in wonderful restaurants in Indianapolis and also around the country. They even have some students doing internships at Disney World in Florida.

Full Disclosure: My husband was given 2 copies of this cookbook because of his employment at The Chef's Academy. However, no one at the school even knows I have a book blog so there was no expectation of a review. All employees were given copies of the book for personal use or to give away as they see fit. The link is an affiliate link, however as they currently do not have any copies of the book in stock, it would probably be easier to inquire with the school directly regarding purchasing.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. This is a cookbook I could have very easily missed. I love books like this because you know the recipes have been well tested. That shrimp sounds heavenly.

    Lucky you to be able to sample the dishes.

  2. that looks great.

    I must say, it must be very nice to be friendly with a lot of chefs.

  3. Thanks for linking up!

    The Lazy Mom
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  4. Sounds like some good perks come your way from your husband's job!

  5. I think I would love having a chef for a hubs! :) mine can cook, and does a really good job but it isn't often and he makes a HUGE mess! :) thanks for linking up!


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