Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Sunday Salon November 1, 2009

The Sunday

I cannot believe that today is November 1. Where did October go?? I hope everyone had a great, safe Halloween yesterday. This was my daughter's second Halloween and we put her in the same pumpkin costume she wore last year. At 2 weeks old, the 3-6 month pumpkin outfit swallowed her up. A year later it actually fit pretty well. Yes, she is a tiny little girl. She was definitely not a fan of dressing up either year but this year I think that had more to do with the lack of naps and teething than the actual costume. So we pretty much got a few pictures and put her to bed. Maybe next year Daddy can take her trick or treating.

Last week was a pretty light reading week for me. I finished and reviewed Benny & Shrimp which I really enjoyed. It was a pretty quick read for me which was nice. Now I'm working on The Elves of Cintra, the second book in The Genesis of Shannara series by Terry Brooks. This one is going to take a bit longer. I highly doubt I will finish it this week and maybe not even next week because we have company coming. So the blog will probably be lacking in book reviews for a bit.

I finally had some time last week to figure out how to use FeedBurner to set up email subscriptions for the blog. There are so many improvements that I would like to make here. It is usually a matter of finding the time to figure out how to do what it is that I want to do. I'm hoping to make little improvements, like adding the email subscription option, so Library Girl Reads will be more user friendly. At the same time, I would like to keep things as uncluttered as possible so I don't want to add too many new gadgets.

Well, that was quite the ramble for today's Sunday Salon. Changing the clocks always seems to mess with my head for a few days so I would love for today to include a nap, some reading, and more tea but more than likely it will be laundry, grocery shopping, and more cleaning before company comes.


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