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Living the Law of Attraction by Rich German & Robin Hoch

LIVING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Happiness
Title: Living the Law of Attraction
Authors:  Rich German & Robin Hoch
Publisher:  iUniverse
Publication Date:  November 2008
Format:  Paperback, 290 pages
Age Group:  Adult, Non-fiction

Living the Law of Attraction is a collection of stories based around the theme of people using the Law of Attraction to improve their lives.  The stories range from conquering health issues to earning large amounts of money to improving relationships to living one's passion.  Rich German says the intent of the book is to provide inspiration so the reader can see that ordinary people are achieving extraordinary things using the Law of Attraction.

I mentioned in my Sunday Salon post that I was unimpressed with this book and wasn't sure I would finish it.  While I did finish reading all of the stories, I remain unimpressed.  Each story was only two to three pages long and followed the same format:  My life was miserable because (fill in the blank), I either discovered (the Law of Attraction, The Secret (DVD), or The Secret (book)) or I started using these ideas without knowing that is what I was doing, I completely changed my way of thinking, and my life got so much better.  For me these stories almost all lacked the key component, the necessary bit of information, HOW did the person get their thinking turned around... WHAT did that person do that improved their life so much?  Out of all the stories in the book, I would say less than five actually included that specific, detailed level of information.  I realize the HOW and the WHAT are going to be different for each of us depending on where we are coming from and where we are trying to go but having guideposts would be better than nothing.

It also felt that each story was simply another marketing vehicle for the person telling it.  It is interesting to me how many of these people either have books available, are motivational speakers, life coaches, real estate agents, or have some other service that you can pay for if you go to their website.  It seems that there is a personality type best suited for work with the Law of Attraction or at least, a personality type willing to tell you all about it.

The best part of this entire book for me was actually the introduction where Rich German outlines specific, daily actions that each of us can take that will help move us toward reaching our goals.  I have begun following some of this information and I am hoping that it, at the very least, will help me clarify exactly what it is that I want so I can move toward getting it.  I think many people misunderstand the Law of Attraction and believe that it does not require them to put in any effort toward obtaining their goal.  Unfortunately, I do not think the stories in this book do much to counteract that way of thinking.

Do you have any experience with the Law of Attraction or The Secret?  I'd love to hear about it!

I received this book for review quite some time ago and if it came with any paperwork I have since lost it so I am unable to properly credit where I received it.  I believe that it was either directly through the authors or a publicist and that the initial offer came through Bostick Communications.

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