Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sunday Salon January 17, 2010

The Sunday

Happy Sunday!  The Sunday Salon is a place for readers and bloggers to come together and discuss what we are reading today.  For many, myself included, it has also become a way to recap the week and share stories of our lives beyond reading.

Last week seemed to go on forever.  My husband worked his usual two evenings but also ended up working later on a third evening plus giving blood afterward so for the first part of the week it felt like he was hardly home.  He barely got to see our adorable daughter because she would barely be up when he left for work and a few nights she was already in bed when he got home.  This made for some long, tiring days for me!  I'm excited that he has the day off tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so we can have some extra family time after missing out on it last night.

I'm still keeping up with my Wii workouts using EA Sports Active.  I really enjoy the variety of exercises that I can fit into a 20 to 30 minute workout but I have to say it is killing my knees!  I messed up my right knee several years ago when I was working with a trainer at the gym so I have to be very careful and Active wants me to do quite a bit of lunges and squats.  I'm just taking it easy with those for now during the 30-day challenge but I think when I start building my own workouts I won't include them quite as much.  I'm guessing that I'll want the additional workouts from EA Sports at some point if the first one gets a bit boring after a while.

The Gypsy Morph: SERIES TITLE: Genesis of ShannaraAs far as reading goes, I did actually manage to complete a book last week.  I wasn't sure if I would get through The Gypsy Morph by Terry Brooks in one week or not.  It isn't that the books are so long but that I never know how much actual reading time I will have and Brooks is not an author I can skim at all.  His characters, stories, and worlds are very detailed and I need to soak it all in.  I should get my review for this posted soon.  Then I will be all caught up on my reviewing!

I am currently reading Living the Law of Attraction but so far I'm not impressed.  The stories are two to three pages long and at the end of each it just feels like a marketing blurb for that person's website or book or service as a speaker.  I'm not sure that I'm going to finish this one, though I do want to work through some of the information that was presented in the introductory section.

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I'm not giving away an E-reader but Monica at The Bibliophilic Book Blog is so check out this post for details.  This one doesn't end until March 1, 2010 so there is still time to enter.

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