Thursday, June 17, 2010

CSN Bookshelf Review

At the beginning of June, I posted about an offer I received from CSN stores to review a product.  Well, my bookshelf arrived and my husband put it together over the weekend.  I chose the Antigua 53" H Four Tier Bookcase.  We decided before it arrived that we would put it in our bedroom instead of in the loft with our other bookshelves.  This way we can put books on it that we know we want to read in the near future and new books as we purchase them so they won't get lost among the other books before we've read them.

Ordering from CSN was easy, although I did goof up using the promo code they emailed me.  Ashley was able to straighten me out though and then it worked just fine.  I think the product shipped within 48 hours of my ordering it and I ordered it pretty late in the day.

We started out putting it together with me holding parts while he fastened them in place but then our daughter woke up from her nap so he was on his own.  I think having two people to get the top shelf onto the sides made it a lot easier.  The screws are in an awkward place so I'm not sure one person could hold the pieces and put the screws in at the same time.  I don't think he had any trouble with getting the rest of it together on his own.  In the picture he is putting the feet on before standing it up to add the back.  I actually liked the look of it without the back but we decided it really did need it for stability.

It looks a bit bare right now but I'm sure we will fill it up quickly!  The top shelf is my husband's and the middle and bottom shelves are mine.  Right now this doesn't include books that I have lined up for review or series books where I need to read multiple books to catch up or want to actually re-read the entire series.  No library books on there yet either but that will change soon too.  It actually matches our bedroom furniture quite well which is a great bonus.

Overall, I am very pleased with this bookshelf and my experience with CSN Stores.

The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.  CSN Stores provided me with a promotional code which I could use to purchase any item in their stores to review (up to a certain price point).  No monetary compensation was received for this review.

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  1. Very cool bookshelf! I'm waiting on ordering my book case as we are moving in two weeks and I rather have it delivered to the new house. I hope our experience turns out just as well. Enjoy the bookcase!


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