Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Upcoming CSN Review

If you are like me, you may have seen CSN stores popping up on lots of blogs with product reviews and giveaways.  Being a fairly small blog, I never expected to be contacted by CSN with an offer to do a review of one of their products.  So I was very excited when I was given such a great opportunity.  With 200+ stores, CSN carries everything from sofas to cookware to kids toys to bookshelves.  Yep, I said bookshelves!

While we were working out the details, I realized that I actually own a bookshelf from CSN that I won last year from All Booked Up.  When I received it in November, we were living in a tiny apartment and had no room for another shelf.  Now that we've moved into our new house, we finally got it out of the box and up on the wall.  As you can see, it is currently holding our DVD and video game collection.  This is the Hanging Corner Storage in Maple shelf.  It really does blend into our wall quite a bit.  I think if I could have chosen, I would have picked the darker Cherry version.  The same shelf is also available in Espresso.

My husband didn't seem to have any trouble assembling the shelf, although getting it on the wall was a little bit of a challenge.  Lining up those holes for drilling seems to be a pain no matter what you are hanging!  The shelf itself is pretty sturdy, although I'm not sure I would want to put anything with significant weight on it.  I was just excited to remember that we had it so we could get the media boxes unpacked and out of the house.

CSN offers free shipping on many of their items and they ship to Canada!  Which of the 200+ CSN stores would be your favorite?  I have a feeling I could get myself in a lot of shopping trouble in most of them!

As for which product I've chosen for review?  Well, you are just going to have to wait and see!

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  1. My bro and I just put this shelf together. I got it in expresso and yes, it was a pain mounting it!

  2. Great to see it on the wall.

  3. what a cool way to dress up a corner!
    btw: you've been awarded ;-D


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