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Deborah Carney: Photos of Buddha Beach

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Buddha Beach is an area on the banks of Oak Creek in Sedona Arizona. The area is considered to be near one of the vortex sites, near Cathedral Rock. Cathedral Rock is probably one of the most photographed places in the United States.

Buddha Beach got it's name because people that visit Oak Creek started building rock cairns that resemble little (or big!) Buddha statues. The Buddhas are created and then changed by others visiting the area, making it a living, ever-changing rock garden.

photo used with permission of Deborah Carney
There is a sense of peace that comes over you if you stop and absorb the energy at Buddha Beach, which is also referred to as Buddha Garden. Being on the shore of Oak Creek gives you the soothing sounds of the water as you walk and enjoy the Buddhas. At some points in the creek there are actually Buddhas in the water.

The water level rises and falls in the creek, so one day the cairns are all on the sand and another day they are under water. The location is not only a place for families to go and play, but it more often is a place where people go to meditate and absorb the energy. If you need to recharge your batteries, consider a visit to Buddha Beach on Oak Creek.

See more of Buddha Beach in the photo books by Deborah Carney. The first two volumes are currently available.

Deborah Carney has been a freelance photographer for over 35 years. As a prolific photographer with an eye for details her photos involve many of her favorite subjects such as butterflies, hummingbirds and macro images of flowers, wildlife and nature of all kinds. Her latest study involves the geology and natural formation of rocks and minerals in Sedona, AZ with the manmade stone Buddha’s paired with the sayings of Buddha himself.

With the onset of color ereaders, tablets and applications, Deborah was inspired to create a multitude of high quality photo books on a large variety of subjects.

Currently she and her partner Vinny O’hare are refuges from Hurricane Sandy living south of Phoenix, AZ where they frequently go on day long photo adventures and discover new and exciting things to photograph.

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