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The End Was Not the End: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Tales

The End Was Not the End: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Tales
editor Joshua H. Leet

Heroes prevail… usually. You sit close to a campfire, depending on its faint, flickering light to ward off the darkness. Yet the fire cannot hold back dark memories, thoughts of your fallen kingdom, of monsters across the land, of magic gone awry. Around fires like yours are seated other travelers, refugees from catastrophes none dare mention. Kings and queens huddle shoulder to shoulder with peasants, wizards share scraps with slaves, and each wishes only to be saved.

Some will be lucky, for heroes yet remain in their lands. For others, hope was not among the provisions stuffed into a pack when fleeing home. Eventually the silence of the night grows too heavy, and someone speaks. They tell a tale of loss, of foolish pride and tragic mistake. With bravery stoked by company, others speak up, each sharing their own sorrows. Before long, there are enough tales to fill a volume.

The conversations continue through the night, and by the time dawn has filtered through the gnarled tree limbs, journeys must continue, and one by one, the strangers trudge away. Their worlds may have ended, but they have survived another night. They will continue on, seeking to rebuild upon the ruins of great dreams. Their stories linger upon the air, drifting into time like the smoke from their extinguished fires, fed only by faint embers.

This book contains eleven stories set in worlds where an apocalypse has already come, but the characters you’ll read about aren’t quite ready for the end.

This anthology includes the following authors and stories:
  • Deedee Davies – “The Halls of War”
  • Desmond Reddick – “Blood and Fire”
  • Scott Sandridge – “Make Way for Utopia”
  • Jay Wilburn – “Twenty Year Plan”
  • Mandi M. Lynch – “Nightmares and Dragonscapes”
  • Magda Knight – ”The Stone-Sword”
  • William Ransom – “In the Hills Beyond Twilight”
  • Steven S. Long – “Blade of Fire”
  • Bill Blume – “Waist Deep”
  • Darra L. Hofman – “Ben”
  • Nathen Gallagher – “Story’s End”
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About the Editor:
Joshua H. Leet is a native of Lexington, KY. He absconded with a degree in English Literature from Transylvania University and has co-authored 3 non-fiction books, including Civil War Lexington, Kentucky: Bluegrass Breeding Ground of Power (The History Press). He currently works as a contract scopist, and he edits novels for Seventh Star Press, working with authors like Jackie Gamber and Steven Shrewsbury. He enjoys reading, watching sports, television and movies, and playing Frisbee. When he dies, he hopes to leave the world the same way he came in, screaming with a clenched fist.

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