Friday, June 21, 2013

Closed: Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt - A Tasty Family Treat

Unfortunately, this Yumz has closed for good.

This post is sponsored by Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt.

Several weeks ago (yes, I'm just finally writing about it) Crystal from Mom For Less invited my family to join her and some other friends to check out the new Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt store that had recently opened on the south side of Indianapolis (5335 E Southport Rd #700 to be exact).

I haven't had frozen yogurt in a long time and this definitely wasn't the frozen yogurt I remember from my childhood. It was SO much better! We were able to chat with the store owner, Donna Laker, and one of the founders of Yumz, John Barns. One of the the things that John really emphasized was that when they considered going in to the frozen yogurt business they decided from the onset that they weren't even going to attempt it if they couldn't find a way to make the frozen yogurt taste fantastic. My entire family thinks that they succeeded but you are going to want to taste it for yourself.

Another difference from the frozen yogurt store of my childhood is the number of choices to make! I remember the yogurt options were always chocolate, vanilla, and two other flavors that changed often. Yumz offers so much more than that! The yogurt stations are self-serve and you have a large variety of flavors to choose from. There is always a "no added sugar" flavor, a tart flavor, and two dairy-free sorbet options. You can mix and match flavors to your heart's content to get your perfect cup of frozen yogurt. My favorite flavor on our first visit was the Tart Georgia Peach. It had so much flavor it didn't even need toppings!

Only a Small Portion of the Topping Bar!
The next step is choosing your toppings. Yumz offers a huge variety of toppings from fruit to candy to cookies to cereal. There are options to keep your snack healthy (the yogurt itself has no fat or cholesterol) or you can make it as indulgent as you wish. Overwhelmed by the choices? Use the computer on the wall to look up the Coolest Combos created by other customers. Maybe you will find a new favorite! You can also submit your creations on the Yumz website (and have a chance at winning free yogurt).

The staff at Yumz is incredibly welcoming and helpful. Want to sample a flavor of yogurt before filling your cup? No problem, they have little sample cups! They are also very aware of food allergies. Yogurt flavors that contain nut oils are always placed in the same machines to avoid cross-contamination. You can also ask for toppings out of their original containers to avoid cross-contamination at the topping bar.

If you live in the Indianapolis area you definitely want to follow YUMZ Frozen Yogurt - Indianapolis on Facebook to find out about the current flavors and any special deals.

Elizabeth liked Blueberry
My family has already been back to Yumz since our initial visit and we picked up our Frequent Filler Card so we can earn points toward free frozen yogurt with every purchase. That is going to come in handy since I can tell this is going to be a favorite family treat.

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