Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Revisiting Childhood Favorites

As a child I loved to read. I was the kid who stayed up way past my bedtime reading a book with the flashlight I kept hidden under my pillow. Summer time was fabulous not only because I could play outside with friends all day but because it stayed light later and I didn't need to be up for school in the morning. That meant more time to read. The church where my mom worked wasn't far from the library so if she needed to go in for a few hours in the summer I went there to browse the shelves and read. It was there that I discovered The Wizard of Oz and Anne of Green Gables.

Although my girls are still too young to appreciate these stories, we spend much of our time together reading. Their bookshelf is already overflowing with everything from board books to beginning readers to their very first chapter books. I love watching them choose which books they want to read for story time and hearing them ask for just one more story before bed. Between all of their books, my books, and my husband's books sometimes I wonder how we will continue to have room for them all!

This is where technology is starting to play a huge role in our household organization. With all of the eBook options these days we can satisfy our never ending hunger for books without adding to the piles of books around the house. I love being able to share books with the girls on my Kindle Fire HD and we still enjoy reading them together even if the format is a bit different than flipping pages.

Doma Publishing House has brought together amazing Kindle collections from various authors at incredible prices.

The Wizard of Oz Illustrated Series contains the complete fourteen book Oz series plus The Woggle-Bug Book. Having the entire series on the Kindle is an incredible space saver. The illustrations look fantastic on the Kindle Fire HD and the text has been well formatted. I received this from the publisher for review purposes but I had serious sticker shock when I checked the pricing of this collection on Amazon. I have no idea how this amazing collection is being offered at only 99 cents! (Prices on eBooks can change quickly so always double check the price before purchasing.)

The Anne of Green Gables Collection contains eight of the Anne Shirley books along with four other works by L. M. Montgomery. Unfortunately, it is missing two of the Anne Shirley books as the rights are not available for Kindle publishing at this time. Doma Publishing has included Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Call of the Wild by Jack London as bonus titles with this collection. Again I am amazed that this collection is being offered for only 99 cents! (Prices on eBooks can change quickly so always double check the price before purchasing.)

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