Thursday, March 28, 2013

Education #BlogFlash2013

I have many concerns about the education that my daughters will receive. I am nervous about public school for a variety of reasons. I'm not completely convinced private schools would be any better even if we could afford to send them. I don't feel capable of educating them on my own with homeschooling. There are many options but so far none of them feel like a perfect fit for our family. I'm thankful that my oldest still has another year of preschool after this one so I don't have to make a decision any time soon. I also need to remind myself that I'm not locked in to any one way of schooling. If we try public school and it isn't working for us I can do research into other options. I just want my girls to receive the best education that will prepare them for whatever they may face in the future.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts

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