Friday, November 20, 2009

Earn Gift Cards & More with Swagbucks

Search & Win

Some days I feel like I am totally behind the times. Maybe most of you already know about Swagbucks but I thought I'd post about it in case you had missed it like me. Swagbucks is a search engine that allows you to win points (or bucks) that can then be redeemed for great gift cards or other items. I know I will be using my bucks for and Starbucks gift cards, although there are loads of other to choose from.

You won't win Swagbucks with every search but if you use their search, either from their homepage or toolbar, each time you search you are bound to get bucks sometimes. There are some other ways to gain bucks as well through shopping, free codes, and referring friends. There are some aspects of Swagbucks that are a bit confusing to me but as long as I just stick with the searching, it seems simple enough.

I'm hoping that over the course of this coming year I can win enough Swagbucks to use on gift cards to do a lot of the holiday shopping for next year. The Starbucks gift cards will be just for me! Free books and free coffee, what could be better than that?

Do you use Swagbucks already? What has been your experience with the program?

Note: The Swagbucks and links above are referral links and I do earn a minimal amount if you join Swagbucks or shop on through those links.

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  1. I've never even heard of Swagbucks, but thanks for the info. I might try it out :)

  2. miss cindy, I hadn't heard of it either until a couple weeks ago. Once I figured out that all I really had to do was use their search engine, it has been easy, easy. I think I only joined a week ago and I'm halfway to a $5 Amazon gift card.

  3. thats so cool, i can't wait to give it a try :)


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