Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Blogger Hop 8/6

Book Blogger Hop

Each weekend, Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books hosts the Book Blogger Hop.  It is a great way for book lovers and book bloggers to find new book blogs and get to know each other.

This week's question is: Do you listen to music when you read?  If so, what are your favorite reading tunes?

I definitely cannot listen to music while I read!  I can't have the TV on in the background either.  I need it to be very quiet or I lose focus.  I am getting a lot better at tuning out my daughter's movies though!

If you have hopped over from the Mr. Linky, Welcome!  I hope you will stay a bit and look around. I review a wide range of books including (but not limited to!) urban fantasy, young adult, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, chic lit, cozy mystery, and some non-fiction.  I love getting comments but had to turn on comment moderation due to spammers.  I try to check in several times a day and approve comments quickly.

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  1. I'm hopping through :) and am a new follower. I can read through just about anything but like silence best (or nature).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Just over from the Hop. You have a lovely blog!

  3. Hopping over from the book blog hop! We are new followers!

  4. Hello! I'm new to the book blogging world, and came on over from the book blogger hop!!! Just wanted to say hello!


  5. I'm also a music listener when reading.

    Happy Friday. Come see how I listen to music when I read.

  6. Found you via the Blogger Hop so I hopped over to say HI :)

    Would love it if you visited our BLOG too!

    I'm off to poke around here some more. Have a great weekend!

  7. Visiting from the Hop.

    My blog:

    Happy Friday!

  8. I am already a follower, but I wanted to hop over and say hello! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    - Violet @ The Eager Readers

  9. Hey you, just stopping by on the hop and follow. I'm a new follower. Have a great weekend. Happy Reading!!!
    See ya!
    Readaholics Anonymous

  10. When I was homeschooled, and after my sister had moved out, my house was soooo quiet. I got used to reading in utter silence but after a while even the silence is a distraction. Now I can read with a fare amount of noise, and I do like music when reading; however, Television shows are the most distracting.

  11. hey!
    Stopping by from The Hop! Depending on the book I need quiet but sometimes I'll listen to music.
    I'm now a follower :)

    If you have the time stop by my blog:

    Nice to meet you!

  12. Hi! I’m just stopping by from the hop! I’m hosting a SIZZLING SUMMER NIGHTS GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by to enter. Have a great weekend!


  13. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today! I'll have to check yours out this upcoming week - looks very interesting :)

  14. Just hopping by! Great Site!

    check me out at

  15. Hi Angela!

    I'm not doing the Hop this weekend but I am one of your followers and I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. Go HERE to check it out.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I like silence. Beautiful silence. A little French music can be nice, too.

    I found your blog through Blog Hop. I'm glad I did.

    I am a follower. I'd love for you to visit my blog and become a follower.

  17. Hi Angela,

    I found you through the Book Blogger Hop. I've started following your blog and I think that it's great.

    I'm an aspiring writer. I write horror, fantasy, scifi,... just anything that interests me. Anyway, check out my blog:

    You could follow me too if you like it.

    Warmest regards,
    John Smith (pen name)

  18. Lovely blog....where did you get the side bar background...I love it.

    Your blog is great too.

    I am a follower through blog hop as well.

  19. Hi! I'm a new follower--just stopping by from the hop! As music goes--I used to have music playing all the time, but now I prefer quiet.

    Looks like a fun blog!!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!!



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