Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changes by Jim Butcher

Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12)
Title:  Changes
Author:  Jim Butcher
Publisher:  Roc
Publication Date:  April 2010
Format:  Hardcover, 448 pages
Age Group:  Adult
Series:  The Dresden Files (Book 12)

The Vampires of the Red Court have taken Harry Dresden's daughter.  How far will Harry go to get her back?

Changes is the perfect title for this book.  Harry's entire world changes when he learns that he has a daughter and she is now in the hands of some of his worst enemies.  He must determine which lines he will cross in order to get her back safely.  What is he willing to sacrifice to keep her alive?  Jim Butcher truly pushes Harry to his limits in this book -- emotionally, physically, and magically.

Dresden and his friends are in constant danger as someone (or something) tries to kill him with all manner of attacks.  Once again, we see who will stand with Dresden even in the face of certain death and who will abandon him to save their own skin.  Politically, Dresden is a step behind as usual but he generally figures it all out just in time.  Of course, what he figures out this time leads to some even larger questions and the choices he makes along the way have far reaching consequences.

I love the non-stop action in the Dresden books.  Although Dresden has a lot to think about and many choices to make, he rarely has the time for serious contemplation.  Dresden's humor is another of my favorite things about this series.  He rarely knows when to stop with the wise-cracks, even in the most serious of situations.  He faces death with sarcasm and quotes from Star Wars.

I think this book may be my favorite in the series so far because we learn so much about who Harry Dresden truly is and what he stands for.  Butcher ends Changes with a serious cliff-hanger and I cannot believe I have to wait until July 2011 for Ghost Story to come out!

Changes was purchased for my personal collection and no one anywhere had any expectations of a review.

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  1. We aren't into vampire books but thanks for sharing about his author I am not familiar with.

  2. Oh you reminded me that I should pick this series up again - I'm around book 8, I think..
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