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Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

Twice Dead
Title:  Twice Dead
Author:  Kalayna Price
Publisher:  Bell Bridge Books
Publication Date:  February 2010
Format:  Paperback, 266 pages
Age Group:  Adult
Series:  Haven (Book 2)

Just two short weeks ago, Kita was turned from shape shifter to vampire.  Now she and her maker, Nathanial, must navigate an increasingly deadly game of vampire politics while Kita adjusts to her new lifestyle.  Kita must also resolve some personal issues from her past and in doing so gets herself deeper into magical debt.  All the while, Kita is wondering if she will ever shift into her cat again.

Although the events of Twice Dead take place very shortly after those of the first book, Once Bitten, it has been about a year and a half since I read the first book which means I have forgotten a lot of the details.  Price does give the reader reminders of the main events of the first book but I still started out a bit confused until I reoriented myself with the world and Kita and Nathanial's situation.

Twice Dead is every bit as complicated as Once Bitten with multiple story lines pulling Kita in different directions.  Kita has every intention of thinking through her situations and trying to reason them out but often she reacts impulsively which generally lands her in even more trouble.  Kita has to fight to not wear her emotions plainly and to calm her cat's nervous energy.  She is being used politically and magically in many ways and finds it difficult to sort the real and true from the false.

The characters are all well-drawn and the events of the book are all very emotionally charged.  I did feel that some of the characters were not well introduced if someone hadn't read the first book.  I remember really loving the first book because it was so different from many of the other books I was reading at the time.  Price continues to highlight those differences in Twice Dead.  I wasn't as completely enthralled by this book however because the writing didn't seem to be up to the standards of other books I've been reading recently.  Kalayna Price will be an author to watch though because her writing shows incredible promise and I think she will only continue to improve with future books.  The ending of Twice Dead leaves no room for doubt that we will be seeing more of Kita and Nathanial.

I would highly suggest starting with Once Bitten if you are interested in this series at all.  The books take place quite close together and the events of that book are fundamental for understanding Twice Dead.

I originally received an electronic copy of Twice Dead from the publisher for review but quickly determined I have no patience for reading entire books on my laptop.  I was then able to borrow a copy via Inter-library loan through my local library.

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