Sunday, November 18, 2012

OTL: Green Mountain Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker? I didn't used to be. For the longest time I loved the smell of coffee and even coffee treats like coffee ice cream but I didn't drink coffee. Then a friend introduced me to Starbucks White Mocha and I was hooked. Unfortunately, that is a pretty expensive habit to get in to! I didn't have a coffee pot at home but decided to get a small one when we moved close enough for my parents to start visiting more often. At first, my mom brought her own coffee but I got some when I started drinking a little bit of coffee in the mornings when she was here. Now it has progressed to where I have coffee at home almost every morning. I still can't drink it black though - I really like flavored creamers!

I like it when I can support socially responsible companies with my purchases and coffee seems to be one area where it really does make a difference. Green Mountain Coffee offers a variety of Fair Trade Certified coffees. So what does Fair Trade Certified mean? It means farmers get a fair price for the coffee beans, better working conditions, and protection for the environment. It is really easy to see which Green Mountain coffees are Fair Trade Certified on their website because you can use that as one of the factors when sorting their coffees. Green Mountain Coffee also offers their Fair Trade Certified Coffees in multiple forms - ground, whole bean, and K-Cups.

I received three packets of ground Green Mountain House blend coffee from BzzAgent to try plus several coupons to share. Since I always add flavored creamers to my coffee I am no judge of actual coffee taste so I shared this with my mom on her last visit. She really enjoyed the coffee and said she liked it much better than a different brand that she recently bought for her house. She also shared that Green Mountain Coffee is the official coffee of Heifer International because of its Fair Trade Certification.

To find out more about Fair Trade Certified coffees check out the Green Mountain Coffee Facebook page. There are music videos from Grace Potter and Michael Franti plus behind the scenes videos as they take tours of farming communities in Colombia and Sumatra. You can also connect with Green Mountain Coffee on Twitter.

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  1. Sounds yummy. And good for you for supporting such a conscientious company! :)


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