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The Map of the Sky by Felix J. Palma

Title: the Map of the Sky
Author: Felix J. Palma
Publication Date: September, 2012
Publisher: Atria Books
Series: Book 2 in a Trilogy
Source: Publisher
Available Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Audio
Available for PreOrder: Paperback

When I read The Map of Time last year, I didn't realize that it was to be the first book in a trilogy. When I was offered The Map of the Sky for review I was really curious to see how Palma would continue the story of H.G. Wells. I was definitely not expecting other characters from the first book to show up but they did and Palma connects the two stories wonderfully.

The Map of the Sky is another novel in three parts told by the same unnamed narrator who told The Map of Time. H.G Wells novels are at the center of both stories - The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds respectfully and he is the central character. The Map of the Sky combines fantasy, adventure, and romance to create a literary tale that captures the reader. Palma brings to life the stories of H.G. Wells in a new way as the author must participate in the adventures of his imagination. What if the Earth was truly invaded by Martians? Could H.G. Wells and his companions survive the attack or even prevent it from happening?

Palma loads his novel with details. Some seem meaningless at the time they are presented but they are wrapped together eventually in an epic way. Stories that feel disconnected converge and characters who seem to be on distant paths find their purposes overlap. The beginning and the end, which seem so far apart initially, circle around on each other and create a complex system in space and time.

Although The Map of the Sky is lengthy, I found there to be much less overlapping of the story than there was in The Map of Time. For me, this was a big improvement because it kept the story moving forward rather than replaying various scenes from another perspective. To be honest, it took me much too much time to read this book but only because personal circumstances over the last few months have reduced my reading time considerably. Whenever I got a chance to pick up The Map of the Sky I didn't want to put it back down again.

Now that I know this is a trilogy, I am greatly looking forward to the third volume.

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