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Remnants of Life: Legends of Darkness by Georgia L. Jones

Title: Remnants of Life: Legends of Darkness
Author: Georgia L. Jones
Publication Date: March 2012
Publisher: BlackWyrm Publishing
Available Format: eBook
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Description: Dangerous Saviors… What would you do if your life rested in the hands of something that really wanted to eat you? Come journey through the realms of the next world where everything you know about Good and Evil are put to the test.

Samantha Garrett lives and dies a good life in the human world. She awakens a new creature, Samoda, a vampire-like warrior in the army of Nuem. She is forced to realize that she has become a part of a world that humans believe to be only “Legends of Darkness.” Samoda finds her new life is entwined with the age old story of greed, love, betrayal, and vengeance.

Join our heroine as she battles not just for her own existence, but for the entire human race’s future.


The smell of the beast became like aged bourbon. It was rotten and harsh. It tasted like burnt wood, with a swirl of sugar through it. The beast squirmed beneath me as his life was being exhausted. My own claws held firm.

I could feel the evil in him subsiding as I drank from him. I felt as though I were on fire with passion. The warm liquid had been intoxicating to my soul. I did not want it to end, but I could feel it was. I felt the beast fall limp beneath me. I still could not stop, until every scene in the epic saga of his existence was extinguished.

I looked up with a quick jerk to find Drake. It was only then that I realized he hadn’t appeared to have moved. He wore a wry smile on his face.

It took only a second for me to hone in on what he was seeing. He was seeing me, but I was different. As I saw myself through his eyes, I took a long look. My physique was much the same. I was tall and muscular, but lean. My face was skewed, and somewhat distorted. My facial bones were not in place, where they should have been. My jaws were wide and lengthened. The teeth were enlarged, and the fangs that hung out looked long and sharp. My bottom teeth matched the top. It had fangs as well, that protruded upwards to fit together with the top ones. They resembled the blades of small scissors, and fit together sharply. I ran my tongue across them to be sure I was seeing correctly. My eyes appeared to have a wild abandon in them. They were no longer the bright blue that I remembered, but a deep purple, with black running through them.

I saw panic in them as I felt it surge through me. I quickly stood and turned, burying my face in my hands. As I did, I saw the claws. My hands were not even my own now. The nails were long and sharp. They were like daggers on the ends of my fingertips. They still wore the fur and blood from the beast I had just destroyed; from the beast I had just consumed. I held my hands over my eyes, wanting to block out the horrific vision of myself. I could not block it out. It was embedded there in Drake’s, vision which I could see as clearly as my own.

I felt Drakes hand on my shoulder before I realized he had moved. How could he have come to me? I was such a monster. He did not fear me though. I knew that. He was there to comfort me. He did not see me as sinister, which was how I saw myself. I found it strange that he saw the beauty in me. The blood that covered my chin and neck held an appeal to him as well.

He turned me to him, being careful to avoid the long marks across my back that I could feel still gaping open. I wanted to bury my face in his chest. I wanted to have him hold me until this was all gone. He did not. Instead he pulled me to him and began to carefully lick the blood from my chin, and down onto my neck. I felt his teeth gently graze across me as he licked. My eyes were closed tight, as were his, which gave me some relief of seeing what he would have envisioned.

When his tongue had cleaned the crimson fluid from my face I cautiously began to open my eyes. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see, but I knew I needed to. Drake was much like I had been. His teeth were enlarged, his fangs protruded down. The bottom ones met the top, just as mine had. His eyes had changed and were the deepest black, with green flecks running through them. I could feel the sharpness of his fingernails on my back as he held me. I could not wrap my mind around it, but I found him beautiful.

About the Author:

Georgia L. Jones was born in Columbia, Missouri on September 21st, 1968. In 1992 she settled in the beautiful Ozarks town of Lebanon, Missouri, where she met and married the love of her life. Together they have raised 7 children and have the 8th still in their home.

At a young age Georgia learned the value of getting lost in a good book. She has always enjoyed reading and letting her imagination run wild. In her early teenage years she began to put her own stories down on paper as she plunked out the words on an old manual typewriter.

In 1996 Georgia enrolled at Missouri State University where she majored in Psychology. While there she found an untamable thirst for Philosophy and Greek Mythology. Many evenings she can still be found curled up with one of the great Greek Tragedy’s or reading about personal continuity by Rene Descarte.

Over the years Georgia has harbored the dream of being a published author and written many short stories. On January 10, 2010 she embarked on the dream as she began to bring the characters from her first novel, “Legends of Darkness”, to life. Upon completion in June 2010 she realized that it was not a single book but a series and created the concept of the series “Remnants of Life”. She is currently working diligently on the “Remnants of Life” series.

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