Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chocolate #BlogFlash2013

It is amazing what people can do with chocolate. Just look at the World's Longest Chocolate Train, which is 112 feet long. It isn't the heaviest chocolate sculpture though. That honor remains with the 8 ton chocolate replica of an ancient Mayan pyramid.

The Food Network has aired at least two chocolate challenge shows. In one chefs created chocolate sculptures with the theme of love. In the other, chefs had to create actual evening dresses out of chocolate that could be worn down the runway.

It can be fun to go into a fancy chocolate shop and see all the beautiful creations. It is even better if you can smell melted chocolate and see wonderful treats being made.

People have such interesting preferences when it comes to chocolate too. Nuts or no nuts? Milk, dark, white chocolate, or a combination? What goes well with chocolate? Peanut butter, fruit, coffee, pretzels, crackers, cheese, caramel, mint, bacon... The combinations seem endless. The price of chocolate varies as widely as the quality and everyone has their own opinion on which brand is the best. I know I have my personal favorite brands and ways of enjoying chocolate. What about you?

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  1. I love visiting chocolate shops too, but the temptation . . . :-)

  2. Great post Angela. I love those record breaking challenges with giant chocolate creations. I always wonder what happens afterwards. Would take a while to eat your way through that. Not that that would stop me from trying ;)

  3. The sculptres wouldn't last around me. I would want to eat them.

  4. Wow, I can't imagine an outfit that can actually be worn down the runway that's made entirely out of chocolate! My post has some photos of chocolate garments on mannequins, but I'd kind of expect it to fall apart or melt on a person..

  5. I love the challenges too! Hmm favorite chocolate would be anything by Lindt LOL Or ummm Godiva. I love all different things, I like to try new things like chocolate covered bacon hehehe

  6. All true! I'm one of those who prefer their chocolate dark and without nuts. However pieces of fruits and berries are quite fine with me. :)

    Chocolate has certain qualities that make it very flexible to be used in different ways. It's taste works with different sort of other food products very well. Besides the smell is so divine.

  7. I love chocolate shops, There's a famous one in Brighton called Chocywocydooha. It's amazing what they come up with! My fav choc is galaxy. just puts the world in order. Lovely chocolaty post! xxx

  8. It must take great willpower to sculpt with chocolate rather than eat it!


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