Wednesday, March 27, 2013

City #BlogFlash2013

The sound of her heels clicking on the pavement blended in with the beat of boots and the shuffle of tennis shoes. Individual steps were lost as the footsteps of strangers created a rhythm filling the air. When she had first arrived the noise bothered her. The constant sounds of cars and people at all hours of day and night made it hard to think. Now though it was simply background noise as she walked the short distance from her apartment to the office. 

Arriving early, she settled in with her homemade coffee as she waited for the computer to boot up. Even as she went over her mental checklist of tasks she needed to complete that day, her mind was already thinking about the night ahead, wondering what her friends had planned as they joined her for a weekend in the city.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts

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  1. Great snippet - or maybe a start to a story! I know you said you don't really write fiction, but maybe you should try it, given your BlogFlash pieces. And if you need inspiration or a goal, consider writing something for Scripting Change (

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm always so nervous about posting these little fiction bits during BlogFlash because I have that voice in my head that tells me I'm not a writer.

      No poetry came out this year but for last year's BlogFlash I had a couple of poems that I felt pretty proud of.

      Thank you for sharing the Scripting Change website as well. I'm interested to see what the first project will be :-)

    2. I was just reading this when you posted your comment:

      I have people reading my first drafted book right now, and I also have a voice in my head telling me that I'm wasting their time and I'm not a writer - you just have to ignore it!

      & Scripting Change looks so promising, I hope it goes well. I'm interested to see their first theme, too :-)

  2. Good snippet and a reminder of why I never want to live in the city!


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