Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring #BlogFlash2013

For me spring always brings to mind new beginnings. Everything seems fresh and new life is appearing everywhere. With the new year starting in the depths of winter I don't usually get that same sense of a new start that I do in spring. In spring I make grand plans to clear the clutter and work in the yard. I say "This will be the year I start a garden." I stick with these projects about as well as most people stick to their new year resolutions.

I do open up the house as much as I can when the days are beautiful. I take the girls on walks around the block and to the library. We breathe the wonderful fresh spring air and try to get rid of the winter germs. The grill comes out as soon as the weather is nice enough and we anticipate the summer fruits to come.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts
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  1. OH how sweet! I love it. I love the smell of spring, at least for the first 2 days, after that it gets a bit ripe! I ended up not writing a haiku today I wrote a song LOL

  2. Lovely post, Angela. Yes, fresh new start comes with Spring. Looking forward to warmer weather in the UK. We had precious little last year though :(

  3. Spring is a wonderful season for new beginnings. I hope you get to garden soon. There's nothing more rewarding!

  4. What a lovely post, Angela! You're right: we have very similar thoughts about spring!

  5. Probably not your intention, but you have me thinking about spring cleaning...I really need to get started on that.


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