Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Darkness #BlogFlash2013

If I can manage to do it at just the right time, taking Victoria into a dark room is like flipping a switch. She might not fall asleep right away but she snuggles into me and lays down in my arms. The difficulty is getting her from that position into her crib without her waking and starting the whole cycle again.

Elizabeth can be very disoriented in the dark. Some nights she wakes crying a strange sobbing cry. I will find her sitting up in the middle of her bed, standing in the middle or her room, or even out in the hallway. She usually doesn't respond when you talk to her and in the morning she often doesn't even remember the event.

Between the girls waking, my husband's snoring, and my bouts of insomnia I see far too much of the darkest hours of night. I'm pretty sure if everyone of us slept wonderfully on the same night it would be a minor miracle.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts
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  1. Oh, no. I remember how happy I was when my daughter finally started sleeping through the night. Now I'm taking mood stabilizers to quiet my mind enough to let me sleep. Thankfully, I do. I hope your insomnia improves as the girls grow (hopefully out of some of these sleep issues!)

  2. I'm sorry the night is so tough for you, Angela.

    I hope all of you can sleep at the same time real soon :(

  3. It can be incredibly lonely being the only one awake in a (mostly) sleeping household. I'm sure it will be a wonderful relief when the girls settle into a more synchronized pattern!


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