Monday, March 4, 2013

Technology #Blogflash2013

As it is for many people, technology is a blessing and a curse for me. A blessing because it is my main form of social contact with many people. I've reconnected with old friends and made so many new ones through sites like Facebook and various blogging communities. I know there is always someone to reach out to when I need to talk whether it is by email, text message, or an online discussion group.

Technology allows my daughters to feel connected to their grandparents even though we live in different states and do not get to visit in person as often as we would like. Being able to see their grandparents' faces as they talk has enabled us to avoid the initial shyness the girls' might experience when we do get to visit.

Technology also provides the biggest distractions for me. I get sucked in to clearing out my email or checking all my Facebook groups for updates. I sit down at the computer to do one simple task and the next thing I know an hour has gone by and I haven't even started or I've completely forgotten what I meant to do. With my cell phone and Kindle Fire HD I don't even need to be on the laptop to be completely connected. I know every time I get an email or someone connects with me on Twitter. People expect to be able to get in touch with me all the time and I feel the pressure to respond to everything the instant that I see it.

I'm still working to find that level of connection that works best for me. A level where I feel connected enough but not overwhelmed. Part of my solution has been to implement some technology free time throughout the week. This is time away from the computer, without the cell phone or the Kindle. After all, the messages will still be there waiting for me when I come back.

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  1. Great post, Angela. Glad you're taking part in Blog Flash again :)

    You're right about technology as a benefit and a curse. I think it's a good idea to have some time away from it. I need to do that more.

  2. I find that I get so excited about joining this group or following that blog that I forget where I've gone and what I've done. Then I don't know where to follow up. I hate that. I could easily exist in a room with a computer and no people. Luckily, my family and my pups don't allow that!

    Linda Ulleseit

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about. I love the connections I've made, but there are times when you finally get off the computer because you smell something burning and realize that four hours have passed and supper is no more! Ah, the irony! I came in here to do one tiny thing on the computer while the last of my chicken-fried steak finished, and yes, immediately after I typed those words, I realized the last of it was burning!

  4. Oh I so agree! Big time! I am so trying to change my ways but still I find myself sucked in deep every day!
    Thanks for coming over to the blog! Here is mine!

  5. It drives me crazy that I can't be online all of the time. I know I'm missing important messages, great fun with friends, and all of my games. I long for the time I am allowed at night with my computer, usually all night because I completely lose track of time until I see the sun coming through the kitchen window. When you find that perfect balance, please share it with the rest of us.

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