Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Innocence #Blogflash2013

As she opened her eyes it was as if the world had become new again. The colors were bright and fresh and everything was clean and shiny. Even the energy was different. She felt hope and laughter bubbling up from her core. Today anything was possible. Today everything was good. This is how every day should feel, she thought. In the very next instant doubt crept in and she wondered if this transformation could possibly last.

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  1. Really pretty way to show how innocence feels!

  2. Beautiful the morning always starts so innocently ;O)

  3. Love the start of the day and that feeling of anything is possible. . it only takes one small thing for that to all go away. A wonderful piece of writing. x

  4. Not a writer Barbara, hmmm. After just reading a very dark piece on Innocence, your piece perked me up. Sure we can blow it in a blink of an eye, but we do indeed get a chance with each morning's light to start again innocent.

  5. Great job capturing the essence and hope.


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