Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fireworks #BlogFlash2012 Day 19

We have a love/hate relationship with fireworks at our house. Fireworks are good once in a while like when we saw them at Walt Disney World following the Main Street Electrical Parade or for celebrating the Fourth of July. The problem is that fireworks are LOUD and it is hard enough to get the kids to bed in the summer as it is. So when our neighborhood decides that 4th of July celebrations should start two weeks before the official date and go for about two weeks following we have a very unhappy household. Last year Elizabeth would just be falling asleep when the noise started and she would come running out of her room terrified. I was actually quite happy about the fireworks ban (due to fire danger) this year so we didn't have to deal with that as much.

This is actually the first 4th of July that Elizabeth has stayed up to watch the fireworks. We were visiting my dad and the town fireworks are set off not too far from his house. We figured if she wasn't going to be able to sleep from the noise she may as well stay up to watch them. We walked over to the high school parking lot to get a better view and she wanted to head home almost as soon as they started. She started watching with her hands over her ears, complaining that they were too loud. We started saying what the colors and shapes made us think of and decided that one particular type of firework looked like fairy dust. We counted "fairy dust" fireworks (I think there were 7) and her hands dropped from her ears as she was caught up in the magic.

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