Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Frog #BlogFlash2012 Day 28

I have to admit that I'm not finding a whole lot of inspiration from the frog today. I do have some froggy memories though.

My dad was a college chemistry professor and when I was a kid he taught classes on water chemistry at the Central Michigan University Biological Station on Beaver Island. Here the kids of the professors all got a chance to play and be underfoot in the labs. We ate in the cafeteria with the college students and had sand everywhere from the beach. One particular biology professor was quite the instigator and was always trying to get me to take critters back to our cabin, including snakes and frogs.

My family owns a piece of property that we've had through at least a few generations now. I never know quite how to describe it but it is essentially our own area of woods and lake. This is where I learned to fish and row a boat. It is where my cousin and I would sit still in the water and see if the baby fish would come nibble our toes. It is also where we can sit out on a clear night and see the stars and listen to the lullaby sung by the frogs.
#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts

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  1. 'a frog lullaby' I know exactly what you mean - lovely x.


  2. What wonderful memories from the promt of a frog. It;s amazing where these promts are taking us. I love your ending; the frog lullaby. xxx

  3. Great post, Angela! I love the memories people have been prompted to share via BlogFlash. It's been absolutely wonderful!

  4. What a great memory and love the frog lullaby x


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